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Nasturzio Rampicante. Nasturtium Runner, Climber, Trailing

Nasturtium Rampicante  Climbing Nasturtium Produces masses of yellow or orange colour flowers on a trailing plant. It's super easy to grow along a fence to create a colorful divider.  Large plant with numerous red, yellow & orange flowers. Looks great along a fence; perfect for pots or planters on balconies where they will cascade. Flowers & leaves are edible with a spicy taste. Tolerates dry conditions. Full sun or partial shade. Seeds can be hard and tricky to germinate; soaking them in water overnight before planting the next day. Direct sow 2-3 seeds, thin to one at 10-12" spacing.  

Climbing or trailing nasturtiums. Easy to grow half hardy annual bedding plant. Produces masses of yellow/ orange colour flowers on a trailing plant. Flowers are perfumed and loved by bees and butterflies. Ideal for use in flower beds and containers. May be used to trail around other plants, over the edge of containers or grown up supports to give height to displays, heigh/length up to 8 feet.

5 gram packet Approximate seeds quantity 40. Sow from March to end May and flowers June to end October.


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