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Poppy Papavero Orientale Scarlet

Poppy Papavero Orientale Scarlet    Annual plant with thin upright stalks.  Red colored cup shaped flowers ideal for borders and cutting.

In summer, its flowering is like a fire - the greenery already familiar to the eye at one moment flashes with scarlet lights, swaying from gusts of wind.
The blazing "bonfire" lasts only about two weeks, then the petals fall off, but it is impossible to forget it...
In care, the oriental poppy is unpretentious. Prefers open to the sun places, light drained soils. This poppy grows magnificently, actively propagating by root shoots.
Young bushes in the spring, before flowering, can be transplanted, watering abundantly at first.
At the same time, the plant sheds almost all the foliage, but does not die - a rhizome remains in the ground, which will definitely sprout in the spring.
Poppy is very resistant to drought, the scorching sun practically does not require care (except for pruning faded inflorescences and yellowed leaves).
When planting a perennial poppy, you need to keep in mind that it is aggressive and can drown out weaker neighbors.
It is advisable to choose a permanent place immediately so that later you do not have to wage a long-term war with it.



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