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Snow Pea Pisello Gigante Svizzero, Sugar Pea, Carouby, Taccola Gigante

Gigante Svizzero Sugar Pea Carouby and Taccola Gigante is a climbing pea with abundant production.  Produces long, flat pods that are entirely edible.  Mangiatutto Carouby (eat it all).    Edible pod pea). A real gourmet treat. Old French variety. Flat, slightly curved pods which are incredibly sweet. Classified as a snow pea, but not at all like Chinese snow peas. Matures in 65- 70 days. Pick when the peas have just started to swell for best taste. Very long harvest period, and they hold better than snow peas. Regular packet is about  60 grams 2 ounces, contains approximately 200 seeds.   Approximately 4-5 seeds per gram.

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