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Pea, Pisello Ramicante Telefono, Pole Pea AVAILABLE NOW

Pea, Pisello Ramicante Telefono, Pole Pea  Pea Telefono. Climbing pea grows 5-6 feet. Large pods with 7-10 peas per pod.  Heirloom 1891. Another good choice for the space efficient garden because of the long vine length. Climbing 4-5’ up a trellis, they bear big, easy to see and pick pods. Late maturing, they handle heat very well and produce huge, sweet, buttery tasting peas. Excellent taste and high production. Grow on trellis, fence, etc. 62-68 days. 70 gram packet (approximately 300 seeds) or 100 gram packet (approximately 400 seeds). Approximately 4-5 seeds per gram.

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