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Pole Bean, Fagiolo Rampacanti S Anna

Pole Bean, Fagiolo Rampacanti S Anna   Early Climbing French White Seeded Bean  Deep green pole French type bean. Excellent taste. Pick when no thicker than a pencil. Good producer over a long period; keep picked to encourage continued production. Plant after soil has warmed up well (a week or so before setting out tomatoes. Use trellis, poles or tripod. Plant 4-5 seeds around each pole or two for each string, thin to 2-3 for poles, 1-2 for strings. For trellis, two seeds every six inches, thin to one. Good producer.  Ideal for freezing.  35 grams.  Approx. 50 seeds.


Customers are saying....

  I have grown this bean for three years.  It has been a constant hit with everyone. We always had great yield and the flavor can not be match.  


We  tried Santa Anna beans a couple years ago and found it to be the best green bean we ever had. The beans are long, tender and loaded with taste, unlike many other varieties. We never will grow another variety of green bean.

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