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Thyme, Timo di Provenza, French Thyme

Timo di Provenza, French Thyme is a perennial evergreen plant.  It stands about 12" high. Start seeds in early spring inside, transplant out after last frost date. Space 10" apart in a well drained soil. Sunny location or partial shade.  These can be divided every two or three years. Harvest from spring to autumn. Thyme of Provence. was Introduced to France by the Romans thyme from Provence is one of the most renowned. The small aromatic leaves are used to season, meat, fish, eggs, salads and vinegar.   Dry in small batches covered with paper bags to collect the leaves as they fall.

An herb with an excellent flavor, often added to chicken. soups/broth or fish dishes. This is another herb which given the correct growing conditions of sunny situation and relatively dry soil will give many years of enjoyment and useful kitchen ingredients. Herbs like thyme do not need to be hidden away in a herb garden, it can be used as an edging plant or border infill where it will happily grow and flower and encourage bees and other wildlife to the garden, whilst you will also get the benefit of the scent wafting around as you brush up against it.  Sow March to August.

Horticultural name: Thymus Officinalis    Approximately 6000 seeds per gram.  

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