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Parsley- Comune, Prezzemolo

Parsley Comune Mid-early.  Very aromatic plant with thin stalks, Flat leaf parsley. Smaller leaves and plants than Gigante di Napoli. Flavor may be a bit more intense than Napoli. Start from seed or transplants. 75-80 days from seed, 50 or so from transplants. For transplants, start 3-5 seeds per cell 8 weeks before set out date (several weeks before last frost). Either thin to 1 plant or leave entire clump to grow. Seeds are slow to germinate (14-21 days); be patient. Soaking overnight helps speed up gemination. Very cold hardy. Will overwinter in most areas.   Good sized dark green leaves  Grows back stronger after cutting.  Good resistance to low temperatures.  12 gram packet. Approximately 500-600 seeds per gram. Approx. 6000 seeds.

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