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Lavender Lavanda Vera

Lavender  Lavanda Vera  is one of the most popular herbs since ancient times. Harvest toward the end of flowering when the petals have begun to fade.  Dry in small bunches covered with paper bags to collect the florets as they fall. Uses: Flowers are useful for nervous exhaustion, headaches, colic and indigestion. 

‘Vera’ is widely held as one of the best oil producing lavenders, so if aromatherapy or gifts from the garden are your passion narrow-leaved lavender is the one for you. Drought and deer resistant once established, ‘Vera’ thrives in poorer soils and sunny spots, blooming both in spring and late summer.  

16"-18” tall x 24-30” wide. ‘Vera’ English Lavender is considered an heirloom lavender, displaying excellent cold hardiness and grey, narrow foliage in a mid-range habit. Thin blooms are held aloft from the plant, making it an easy lavender to harvest for sachets, potpourris, or what it is known for, oil production. The abundant blooms are covered in pollinators in late spring, and like most English lavenders, it will bloom again in the early fall if the plant is sheared after the blossoms fade in summer. Make sure to site ‘Vera’ lavender in well-drained soil with plenty of sunshine – more than 6 hours a day is best. Good spacing keeps ventilation high and fungal disease low. Although ‘Vera’ is considered an English lavender, it comes from the Mediterranean regions of Europe and therefore thrives in poorer soils, maintaining high drought resistance once established.

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