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Dandelion Dente Di Leone Tarassaco

Dandelion   Dente Di Leone Tarassaco - cultivated dandelion. Early, upright, deep green plants. Great bitter/sweet flavor beloved by Italians. Perennial plant to be sow from March to June and ready to be harvest about two months after the sowing. The leaves should be tied up to blanch them and should be eaten before it flowers as that is when they are most tender. They like any soil type and are the Tarassaco honey made from the flowers of the plant is very highly prized and quite rare, available mainly in alpine regions. Every single part of the dandelion can be eaten, and chicory coffee can even be made from the roots.  Need light to germinate, so surface sow them.  Harvest either as baby plants or full size. 30 days baby, 50 days full size. Use in salad or cook. This is a real dandelion (similar to the kind you find in your lawn). If you are looking for real 'cicoria', check our various green Cicoria/Chicory varieties.



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