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Chamomile Camomilla

Chamomile Camomilla Herb   Very hardy perennial with fragrant white flowers with a yellow flowers under whih is a hollow space.  Low growing plant (4-10") with pretty daisy like flowers that will also function as a groundcover. Dry leaves for tea.

Easy to grow. Scatter seeds, press down (don't cover since they need light to germinate) in early spring. Chamomile is a plant known since ancient times for its relaxing and calming properties. It is recognized for its characteristic scent and for the external white flowers (liguli) which at the end of flowering are turned downwards.  The dried flowers are used to prepare a tea, essential oil, ointment and tinctures.  Pull the entire plant up and hang upside down inside a paper bag, a cool dry place before removing the flowers. NonGMO.


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