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Zucchino, Nero Di Milano Bush Zucchini

Zucchino Nero Di Milano - Summer Squash Mid-Early.  Vigorous bush forming medium fruit with very dark green, shiny skin with consistent white flesh and produces many flowers.  Great flavor and very prolific. 55 days

Originally from the Lombardia (Milan) area of Italy, Nero di Milano translated simply means "Black of Milan" referring to the dark green almost black color this squash takes on as it grows older.  Best harvested when 6-8"  Medium to Large size bushes are very open in structure making it easier to havest.

Tender dark green courgette zucchini type long summer squash. A delicious courgette bush variety which is early and prolific Easy to grow outdoors, excellent flavour, These courgettes are a wow and will amaze your gardening and gourmet chef friends with their shape, colour and taste. Perfect for the barbecue, cooked with olive oil, grated raw in salads, or cooked with onions, tomatoes and aubergines for a traditional Mediterranean ratatouille.



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