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ZUCCHINO LUNGO FIORENTINO (Zucchini, Long of Florence)

Zucchino Lungo Fiorentino - Zucchini - Summer Squash Early  This is a wonderful 'classic' zucchini, with long ribbed fruit. The coloring is a lighter bright green than found on most common zucchini. An abundant producer with great flavor. Traditionally harvested very young and tender with the blossoms still fresh and attached  Long, ribbed, lightish green fruit with speckles from the region around Florence. Fruit is a bit square. Reputation is that it holds flowers well. A very heavy producing plant with many flowers.  Firm flesh with a nutty flavor and creamy consistency.  Medium length heavily ribbed light green cylindrical fruits.  A early season harvest variety. Upright plant producing good quantities of medium length heavily ribbed light green cylindrical fruits. Fruits have firm flesh with nutty flavour and creamy consistency. Approx 50 seed. Sow February to July, protect from frosts.Excellent roasted and added to rissoto or couscous dishes

Produces well over a long season.  Does well in cool weather.  Pick when small.  55 days 


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