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Zucchino Greyzini Ibrido F.1 Zucchini

Zucchino Greyzini Ibrido F.1 - Summer Squash Early  Open air pollinated hybrid variety producing good quantities of light green fruits with grey/green stripes.  Slightly larger at the base.  They look a little like bowling pins.  

This splendid space-saver, which many gardeners consider the most productive zucchini they have ever grown,  the best for enormous yields that begin early and offer incomparable flavor and texture!

Greyzini is considered a container variety, but you will want a rather large planter if you choose to go this way. The plant isn't big, but it is very well branched and densely, densely covered with fruit all season long. The open, bush habit makes harvesting these zukes much easier than usual, however, and they continue far longer than most others.

The fruit is high quality for gourmet eating. The skin is light green with a gray overlay, and the pale yellow flesh succulent yet firm. Most zucchini don't have a strong flavor and Greyzini is no exception, but there is a richness to the bite that is very satisfying. Pick these blocky, slightly curved and tapered fruits at 5 to 6 inches (or even smaller) for premium texture and flavor; they will grow to 8 inches or more, but they are at their best a bit shorter and younger.

Greyzini would make a fine addition to a Three Sisters planting, primarily because it won't run all over the garden as some squash like to do. It starts bearing early and finishes late, with beautiful (and tasty) squash blossoms along with the fruit. You simply can't go wrong with this classic award winner. Rediscover a classic with Greyzini!

50-55 days

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