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Swiss Chard Mix, Bieta da Costa in Miscuglio di Colori

Swiss Chard Mix, Bieta da Costa in Miscuglio di Colori   An attractive mix of white, red and yellow Swiss or Rhubarb Chard varieties. Vigorous plants which are easy to grow, producing large, meaty stalks with green leaves and pronounced veins. Swiss Chard is an easy to grow, vigourous growing productive vegetable. Leaves can be cooked and eaten as spinach and the stalks are often fried in butter before eating   

Formula mix of three chards: ruby red chard, yellow stemmed chard and white stemmed chard with green green leaves. These are three different types, not just different colors.  The red is small and thin-stemmed; the yellow is larger in stem and leaf with a deep yellow color in the stem; the white has a thick stem and the largest leaves. Chard can be planted in early spring, picked heavily until mid summer, then trimmed back -- as soon as the weather cools, it will come back to life and provide greens into cool weather, especially if you protect it from frost. Chard is a natural accompaniment to white beans and is often used in soups. It's an easy substitute in recipes calling for spinach, especially in summer when it's still going strong after the spinach has died down. Many choose to braise  in olive oil with garlic and serve as a side dish. Chard is known as a nutritional powerhouse, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Colorful and Delicious! 55-60 days







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