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Swiss Chard, Bieta da Coste, Rhubarb Chard

Swiss Chard, Bieta da Coste,  Rhubarb Chard  (ruby). Deep red stems with green/purple blistered leaves. Beautifully colored and very hardy perennial. Early. Vigorous, productive, medium sized plant. Lots of dark green leaves with its characteristic rhubarb red stalks which are tender and of medium thickness.  

Attractive red stemmed chard with tasty, soft textured leaves that can be used as for spinach in soups, pasta dishes and as a braised vegetable. Easy to grow and can be progressively picked. Plant direct preferably, or transplant seedlings after the risk of frost. Can be grown all year in warmer climates  Pretty enough for the flower garden, this wonderful and richly flavoured heirloom variety has wide stalks and veins that are bright scarlet red and deeply crumpled leaves that are rich dark green. Cook the stalks as you would asparagus and the leaves as you would spinach, or enjoy both raw in salads.  Swiss chard seeds sown too early in spring cause the plants to bolt quickly. 

Pretty enough for the flower garden  Wonderful richly-flavoured heirloom  Rich dark green or purple leaves  Open-pollinated seeds  Matures in 60 day

8 gram packets. Approx. 300 seeds. Approximately 40-60 seeds per gram.  

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