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Celery Sedano Dorato Gigante

Celery Dorato Gigante  Mid-early.  Plant mid-tall with full, large, consistent stalks. Vigorous plant, well formed, with dark green foliage. Upright habit. Stalks are large, scented and self blanching.In addition to adding crunch and flavor to salads, the leaves and stems are ideal for seasoning soups and stews.  Celery is a wonderfully healthy nutritious snack. It makes the perfect partner for dips and cheese and is great for adding a satisfying crunch to salads. It also makes a brilliant cooking ingredient. The stalks can be boiled, steamed, braised, baked and cooked in the microwave to make a make a deliciously refreshing side dish, while the leaves and stems are ideal for seasoning soups and stews.    If you're used to Florida celery and have never eaten Italian celery, you're in for a real tasty treat.  Blanch by earthing up at the base for really tender, golden celery.    85 days


We had 95% germination, combined with durabillity, including tolerance to temperature swings, wilting, and other less-than-perfect conditions made this the most reliable celery ever! And the taste is great! Sweet and a tender texture.

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