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Celery Sedano Verde

Celery Sedano Verde  Celery, Verde Pascal. 80-85 days. Real homegrown celery is a taste treat. In Italy, celery is one of the three essential ingredients (along with carrots and onions) that form the base for an enormous number of dishes. Start seeds about 10-12 weeks before set out date (two weeks after last frost date). Sow 5-6 seeds/square inch and cover with 1/8th inch of soil mix. If possible, keep flat at 75°F. Celery is slow to germinate and will take 14-21 days to germinate. When seedlings are two inches tall, transplant to individual containers (a six pack works fine). Keep well watered. Transplant outside and space 6-8 inches. If using rows, space rows at 24 inches. Celery grows best in a fertile soil. Keep well watered. If you want to blanch your celery, wait until three weeks or so before harvest. Blanch by placing cardboard (or whatever) on both sides of the plant.  

Approximately 6,000 seeds. Approximately 2000-2500 seeds per gram.

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