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Eggplalnt, Melanzana Linda Spany Ibrido F.1

Eggplalnt, Melanzana Linda Ibrido F.1   Early.  Tall robust variety.  Very productive long cylindrical shiny black fruits.  Hybrid. Sometimes called Linda, sometimes called Spany. This is a really lovely eggplant- very long, slim, and purple with a slight curve. 75- 80 days. Great taste & production. Produces many great tasting eggplants in short summer seasons   It has great taste with nice texture ; tender, slim.  A lot of eggplants even if you live very north with bad climate   Wise to cover the soil around these plants with black plastic to help to keep the soil warmer

0.2 gram packet, approximately 40 seeds. Approximately 200-250 per gram.  Good storer and ideal for early forcing.  

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