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Beets, Tonda Di Chioggia

Beet: Tonda Di Chioggia Early.  Round red beet with alternating white/red stripes inside. Tops are very nice braised like spinach.  55 days

Chioggia or Barabietola di Chioggia is a globe-shaped heirloom Italian variety, with a slightly flattened shape. It was described by the 1840s and originated from market gardens around Venice. It is also sold under a range of other names, including Bullseye, Tonda di Chioggia, Chioggia Pink or Dolce di Chioggia.

Beetroot Chioggia has a rosy or orange-pink outer skin, with a distinctive dartboard pattern when cut. For this reason it is sometimes known as Bull’s Eye Beet or Candy Stripe Beet. Bands of white flesh alternate with bands of pink or rosy red. The pattern tends to fade when cooked.
With attractive dark-green leaves with ruby-red stems that have a mild flavour when raw or cooked.

Chioggia is grown today mainly for its unusual colouring, but it has a mild and sweet flavor.  They can be sown from very early in the season until late and can be grown in raised beds or containers all year round. Sow the seeds closer together for cutting and use in baby leaf salads, they can be constantly thinned, as you need them throughout the growing period. The young shoots are also deliciously sweet.

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