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Chicory, Cicoria Catalogna Puntarelle A Foglia Stretta

Cicoria Catalogna Puntarelle A Foglia Stretta. Mid-early.  Good sized plant with good sized upright head.  White stalk and very long smooth green leaves.  Tall open plant, white stems and thin green leaves. It is mostly stem with very little leaf. Technique is to soak it in cold water first (stems curl & also become more mild). Very popular with chefs of high-end Italian restaurants. Amazing in a salad.   

This is an excellent chicory. It’s the stems here not the leaves. Blanched for a few minutes and dressed with a lemon vinaigrette or lemon oil and Maldon salt it makes great salad. Hardy, it sometimes winters over.

The Chicory is rich in mineral salts, has refreshing and purifying properties. Roasted roots are a good substitute for coffee for those who are not allowed to use caffeine.

Approximately 600-900 seeds per gram.

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