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Chicory, Cicoria Catalogna Brindisina It's Here!

Cicoria Catalogna Brindisina. Early.  Upright tightly bunched head with green serrated leaves. White pronounced stalks and buds at the base.  This chicory is grown for its stems. It has a small almost frilly leaf with very thick stem that comes together almost as a bulb. Very nice in salads. Slice up, soak in ice water for a few minutes (nice but not necessary) and serve in a salad. It is a delicious spring green with the classic dressing that includes anchovies and also with diced stalks into chicken salad to make it less bland,  Does best in fall. 75-80 days. Set transplants 10 inches apart in rows 12-14 inches apart or direct seed, 2-4 seeds every 10-12 inches, thin to one plant.

10 gram packet. Approximately 600-900 seeds per gram.

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