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Chicory, Cicoria Zuccherina Di Trieste

Chicory, Cicoria Zuccherina Di Trieste. "Small, sweet from Trieste" is a cutting chicory with heart shaped, upright, light green leaves with almost no ribbing and very thin stems; ideal for salads. Mild tasting and fast growing (30 days).  Will regrow after cutting, but it is just as easy and quality is higher if you succession plant. Sow seeds 1" apart from 3 weeks before last frost. Cover or rake in lightly and keep moist until seeds emerge in a week or so. Succession plant every three weeks. Does well spring, summer and fall. Like all chicories, it will do well in cold weather and should survive well into the winter.  Broadcast sow at any time of year.  A european favorite.  Wonderful cutting radicchio, an Italian favorite served with hard boil eggs or good Italian sausage or by itself with a loaf of good french bread.  Non GMO Seeds.   10 gram packet. Approximately 600-900 seeds per gram.





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