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Spinach, Spinacio Scenic Ibrido F.1

Spinacio Scenic Ibrido F.1 is an open pollinated hybrid.  A vigorous plant with good production, good to be harvested in the Spring and Autumn.  Leaves are dark green and blistered.


This is an early variety with blistered, dark green leaves, vigorous growth, good production, and excellent flavour.Seed germinates above 5 degrees so either direct sow or grow seedlings and plant out in Autumn through to spring. Prefers moist, fertile soil in semi-shade and will bolt in hot weather or if allowed to dry out. One of the most widely used leaf vegetables in Italy, spinach’s subtle and melting texture compliments delicate dishes of eggs, fish or veal, and is used as a stuffing for pasta, in risottos and frittate. A favourite of Catherine de Medici. Dishes containing spinach are often described as Florentine.  about 750 seeds.

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