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Lettuce, Latugga Lollo Rossa

Lettuce, Latugga Lolla Rossa is an early variety with a medium sized full open head with tender, crunchy, upright leaves and ruffled edges.  A slow bolting, frilly leafed lettuce.  This leaf lettuce has incredibly frilly leaves and makes a great garnish or addition to salads. The plant forms small 6 to 8" looseleaf heads with beautiful magenta leaves and light green bases. It is slow to bolt and has a mild flavor, and is cut-and-come-again. A most beautiful lettuce, superb for market.  Lolla rossa lettuce leaves—often referred to as the radicchio of lettuces—are full-bodied, providing nutty, mild flavor without bitterness. Texture is chewy. This variety of farm-fresh lettuce has extremely curled-frilled leaves, a deep red that fades to green at the base. The stem is crisp, burgundy pink in hue.  You can either grow as a cut and come again or as a head of lettuce.  Apprx 4000 seeds

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