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Cucumber, Cetriolo Melone Tortarello Barese

Italian Heirloom Cucumber Vetriolo Melone "Tortarello Abruzzese".  Mid-Early Southern Italian type from Abruzzo.  10-11" Cucumber Tortarello Barese. 65-70 days.The Tortarello Green Bari , mainly cultivated in Puglia, is dark green in color, with skin that has a light deciduous hairs. It is eaten in the same way as the Abruzzo tortarello. Other similar vegetables, grown in particular in the Lecce area, are also the carousel and the barettiere  An Italian strain of Armenian cucumber popular in Bari, Italy. Picked young, it tastes just like a cucumber. Left to mature, the fruits turn slightly yellow and develop a melon-like fragrance and flavor. It is renowned for early, prolific production of fruits that grow very quickly. Does well on trellis. Plant 4-6 seeds per hill; space hills 3' apart. Thin to 3 plants per hill. 

approximately 100 seeds. 

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