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Cucumber, Cetriolino Beth Alpha

Heirloom Cucumber "Beth Alpha". Mid-Early, 4-5" long excellent cucumber.  Similar to Persain Cucumber so popular now. These mideast type cucumbers have a very thin skin, absolutely no bitterness, are mild, productive over a long season, one of the earliest to produce, and should go until a frost. In short, they are one of the best all-around cucumbers available. Pick them when they are about five or six inches long for best flavor and texture. They do well on a trellis but you can grow them on the ground also. Set out transplants or direct seed three feet apart (3-5 seeds per hill, thin to three best plants) with rows five to six feet apart. 4 gram packet, approximately 100 seeds. Approximately 30-45 seeds per gram.

One of the best all around cucumbers available.  It has a thin skin and wonderful taste with no 'bitter ends'.  They do well on a trellis, and can be grown on the ground.  A vigorous plant of good production.  Who can resist this tasty treat!

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