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Leek, Porro Gigante d'Inverno

Leek, Porro Gigante d'Inverno  Heirloom Leeks "Gigante D' Inverno"  "Giant  of Winter Leek.  storage type leek. Big plant, blue/green tops, white bottoms with a bit of a bulb at the end.  These leeks are easy to grow and delicious, with a very high germination rate.  They are still going strong in the ground overwinter.  Mulching helps for  taller growth than most winter type leeks with a lot of useable shaft. 115-120 days or so. Cold resistant.

Approximately 1000 -1200 seeds. Best to grow from transplants started 8-9 weeks before set out date. Approximately 340-400 seeds per gram.

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