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Onions, Cipollotto Da Mazzi

Cipollotto Onion Italian Heirloom Onion "Da Mazzi" Very Early 60-65 days An extra fancy bunching onion/scallion.  It has a very long white stock.  Bunching onion. A Franchi Special Selection. Very long white stalk and bulb. 60-65 or so days. Great taste. Direct seed spacing 1/2 inch. Grow in spring, perhaps in the fall.  Direct sow this fast grower from Spring through to Summer in succession for a longer cropping period.

Wonderful spring onion typically grown close together to grow as a bunch, with long slender stems and little to no bulb. A standard fresh use item needed for every market and home garden.  A wonderful addition to salads and cooked dishes, or lay a few on the grill--baste with olive oil and your favorite seasonings--fantastic.  This is a premium Italian strain.   Approximately 250-400 seeds per gram.  

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Over the centuries onions have assumed different meanings: in Ancient Egypt it was thought they could be useful for resurrecting the dead; the gladiators of Ancient Rome used them to strengthen the muscles using them as an ointment. Onions are recognized antiseptic properties that are able to defeat parasites present in the intestine. They are also recognized as a natural antibiotic against bad bacteria. They are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C. The mineral salts present are: calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus. They also contain numerous enzymes useful for digestion

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