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Onion, Cipolla Barletta

Italian Heirloom Onion "Barletta" Very Early  This small white onion is 1" across; extremely tasty small pearl sized onion.  .  Ideal for pickling and 'gardinera' and to use on skewers, whole in soups and roasted It is great with peas in spring.  Direct seed a few weeks before average date of last frost and keep well weeded.   Use thinnings in salads or use transplants. Perfect for shish-ka-bobs, chicken and veggie skewers, and even just grilled on the barbecue.   Grows well in containers and small spaces.   Day to Maturity 75-80 day  Onions are easy to grow, have a fairly short growing period and take up little space in the garden. Plant onions 1/4 "  deep and 3 to 4 " apart in double rows, leaving 6 to 10 " between rows.

Approximately 250-300 seeds per gram.


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