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Onion, Cipolla Tropea Rossa Lunga

Onion, Cipolla Tropea Rossa Lunga   Mid-Early 70 days This variety produces a large elongated bulb with reddish purple skin and firm rosy flesh.  (110 days) Open-pollinated. The famous Italian heirloom torpedo onion whose name means ‘Long Red of Tropea.’ In Calabria near the southern tip of Italy, Tropea is the site of a famous onion festival every August. Elongated like torpedos, these thin-skinned glossy maroon bulbs with lighter interiors are easily sliced into even rings. Sweet, mild and delicious for fall enjoyment.  . This is a medium-late, intermediate day variety that produces a large, pear-shaped bulb with pale red external tunics and pinkish white internal tunics. Popular for eating fresh as the bulbs are very tender and sweet. It is a variety that does not keep well for long storage.Excellent bunched fresh for farmers market in midsummer. Chefs love them for grilling or braising.  Ideal for eating raw.

Sowing Period:  In Autumn for planting out in January-February or directly outdoors in January-February for harvesting in June-July.

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