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Onion, Cipolla Borettana

Onion, Cipolla Borettana   Mid-Early 70-75 days This is a light yellow flat disk type onion is a delicious semi-sweet cooking onion you might see at a farmer's market or on a cooking program. Grow from transplants or direct seed.

Onion Borettana. Light yellow very flat cipolla type onion. Not as dark a skin as Piatta of Bergamo. Good fresh or cooked. 2 inches in diameter. Long day type. An old, old variety originating in the 1400s, near the town of Boretto, not far from Parma, along the Po river. This is a great, flavorful onion! From transplants or direct seed. Long day type. 

This is a cute little onion, even prettier when braided up. Don't even think of growing this down south. These onions will bolt if the temperature gets too hot in the early spring. Beautiful and tasty, about 2-3 inches, very flat and stronger tasting; a strong candidate for a medium length storage onion if you live in the north.   

Approximately 250-400 seeds per gram.

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