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Gerbera Ibrida Grandi Fiori Mix Transvaal Daisy

Gerbera Ibrida Grandi Fiori Mix  GERBERA GRANDI FIORI HYBRID MIX - Gerbera Mix. Tender Perennial. Hardy in zones 8-11. Daisy like flowers in red, white, yellow, and pinks on long stems. Ideal for cut flowers.  24" high. For transplants, sow seeds in a flat, sharp end down. Do not completely cover as they need light to germinate. They take 15-20 days to germinate at 70F.   Plant them out at 12" spacing.  They can be grown in grow in pots. In colder areas, bring them inside during the winter. They can also be propagated from cuttings. Rustic perennail plant which loves a sunny, protected position. It produces stems with one single coloured flower and is ideal for borders, containers and used for cutting.    A classic of South Africa, enjoy in the summer. Recommended for cutting. 
Height: 20"   

Gerbera Daisy plants are a tender perennial. They grow everywhere as a colorful annual, and have a tremendously long bloom season. They are also a good bedding item, and of course a mainstay of the cutting garden. The flowers loves full sun and appreciates deep, rich soil, so work in compost and other organics and keep the water coming.

Sow Gerbera Daisy seeds indoors 8 - 10 weeks before the last frost. Use starter trays and sterile potting mix. Place the pointed end of the flower seed down when sowing, and barely cover the seeds as they need light to germinate. Transplant outdoors once danger of frost has passed. You may also sow Gerbera Daisy seeds directly outdoors when soil temperatures are warm.

This mix of flowering daisies is so impressive your neighbors will all be asking where you got this beautiful mix. You can tell them that you grew your own Gerbera Daisies from flower seed! This Gerbera flower seed mix produces compact plants with gorgeous, large blooms on pencil-thick stems.  Similar to sunflowers, they trail the direction of the sun from East to West. They also boast an excellent vase life, which makes them a great option for cut flowers.

If planting several plants, space between 18 to 24 inches apart and ensure that the crown of the plant (where the main stem meets the roots) is positioned a little above ground level. This will prevent the plant from suffocating. Water the plant on a regular basis when in bloom and soak the roots thoroughly. Before the next watering, allow the top of the soil and the crown of the plant to dry out completely.

To ensure optimal growth, fertilize Gerbera daisies on a monthly basis throughout the growing season. For best results, use a general-purpose, balanced garden fertiliser. Another option is to apply a time-release fertiliser every six to eight weeks.  During the growing season, the ideal temperature for Gerbera is between 10°C and 20°C (50-68°F) and a number of hardier species can flower all-year-round provided that temperatures do not regularly drop below 10°C.

When spring arrives spread between one and 2" of natural mulch, such as compost or shredded bark, around the plant. You should also remove blooms as soon as they begin to wilt, as this will stop the plant from setting seed too early in the season. To prune Gerbera daisies, pinch or remove the wilted bloom using a sharp knife or scissors.

Originally only available in a handful of colors, this Gerbera flower seed mix contains warm shades of pink, rose, and watermelon-red flowers which measure 3 1/2 - 4" wide. They appear above the large, lovely dark green foliage on compact, sturdy little plants that bloom just 14 weeks after sowing Gerbera Daisy seeds. Gerbera Daisy flowers are very long-lasting after cutting so you can take them inside and enjoy their beauty as well.

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