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Agerato Alto A fiori Azzurri (Blue) "Blue Mink"

Ageratum Agerato Alto A fiori Azzurri (Blue)  "Blue Mink"  The tall blue-flowered Agerato plant is an annual plant about 20" high, it produces small fragrant flowers, of an intense blue color, gathered in corymbs and arranged to form a real border cushion. Plant of great visual effect, with repellent capacity, able to keep mosquitoes away, functioning as an excellent natural repellent. It prefers sunny exposures.

Ageratum is an unusually beautiful plant from the Aster family. The name of the flower comes from the Latin word "ageratos", which translates as "ageless". This is the name of the plant due to its long flowering, which begins in June and lasts until frost. That is why gardeners call ageratum "long-flowered" and love to decorate plots, flower beds, lawns, forward gardens with it.  

The plant takes its name from the pale blue flowers, which, with their color and softness, look like a mink fur.   Therefore, the second name of this type of ageratum is "blue mink". A low bush is entirely covered with rather large inflorescences, which can be from 2" in diameter.

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