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Radish, Ravanello Radis De 18 Jours

Radish, Ravanello Radis De 18 Jours  This is an early variety that produces cylindrical radish of intense red colour and white tip. The radishes are mid length, tender and crunchy. 18 days to produce normally but could vary depending on areas. 

With its very rapid development , the 18 day radish is eaten (almost) as soon as it is sown! This ancient traditional variety produces bright pink semi-long radishes with a small white tip and crunchy flesh. It is early and ideal for growing in greenhouses. Radishes 18 days can be enjoyed raw as an aperitif, as an appetizer with a touch of salted butter or in a salad. Its leaves (the tops) can be eaten in soup.

Very easy to grow, the 18 day radish grows in normal, fertile soil , preferably light, in the sun or in dim light. Water regularly without excess, especially in hot and dry weather. Due to their rapid growth, grow them in gardens, large pots and planters. 

The seeds are medium in size, around 100-120 per 1 gram. Sow directly in the final place from March to September , sheltered in cold periods or outdoors. Sprouts appear in 3-4 days. Broadcast seeds (mix the seeds with a little sand to help you) and cover the seeds with 2-3 cm of soil. When the plants have 3-4 leaves, replant the more vigorous ones at a distance of 2 inches from each other.

Harvested from April to October, approximately 3-4 weeks after sowing. Collect them when they are still very young to prevent them from growing too large and taking on a spicy, unpleasant taste.  

 Radishes love to be next to lettuce . intersperse the plants, the radishes will grow in the shade and the lettuces will not be too close to each other. Alsom stagger your radish plants 18 days every 2 to 3 weeks, in small quantities, to benefit from a longer harvest.



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