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Americana Bruna
Americana Bruna is an early variety with a good sized open head.  Americana Bruna has blistered gree..
Attrazione is a mid-early variety with good sized tightly wrapped, serrated head producing plenty of..
Barba Dei Frati
Barba Dei Frati early Plant of medium dimensions with semi-open head.  The numerous leaves are long,..
Batavia Bionda Di Parigi
Batavia Bionda Di Parigi is a late variety.  A large tightly wrapped round head with light green ten..
Biscia Rossa
Biscia Rossa is an early variety with a good sized open head.  Biscia Rossa has blistered green leav..
Ciucca is a mid-early variety with round head, half opened and good dimensions.  The leaves are ligh..
Cutting Lettuce Mix
Quattro Stagioni is a mid-early planting variety.  It's a mix of the best Italian lettuces, endives ..
Da Taglio
Da Taglio is an early, red and green salad bowl mixed cutting lettuce. It is quick and easy to grow...
Goccia D' Oro
Goccia D' Oro is an early variety butter lettuce is mid sized semi-closed head with light green roun..
Lettuce Mix
This Lettuce mix is for early planting.  A mixture of the best lettuce varieties chosen for flavor a..
Lollo Rossa
Lolla Rossa is an early variety with a medium sized full open head with tender, crunchy, upright lea..
Mache- Lamb's Lettuce - D' Olanda A Seme Grosso
D'Olanda A Seme Grosso is mid-early open rosettes of full leaves.  Dark green thick tender leaves.  ..
Mache- Lamb's Lettuce - Verte De Cambrai
Mache Verte De Cambrai is mid-early, medium sized rosette shaped head with full hearts and thick ten..
Maravilla De Verano Canasta
Maravilla De Verano Canasta is a mid-late variety.  A vigorous plant of good production with a semi-..
Organic Bionda Ricciolina Lettuce
Organic Bionda Ricciolina Lettuce seeds are obtained from organic seasonal productive cycles.  Thank..

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