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Zucchino da Fiore / San Pasquale - Edible Flower - Squash Blossoms

Zucchino da Fiore. Squash Blossoms - Summer Squash Early.  Very vigorous plant of good production with intense green foliage.  Produces numerous yellow zucchini flowers which should be picked in the morning and can be used in Frittata, fried in batter and for stuffing.  

This is a dual-purpose variety that produces delicious zucchini if the flowers are not harvested, and a preferred variety for squash blossoms, which are popular in Italian cuisine. They are often stuffed with cheese, breaded, and fried for an appetizer, or sliced into ribbons on salads and casseroles, or can be used in Frittata,  They are at their best first thing in the morning when they just begin to open.

Plant is a bush variety so give 3-4 feet or so between hills. Transplants: Start seed in individual containers 2-3 weeks before final frost date and transplant carefully to avoid root damage when soil is warm. Direct seed: Grow in hills, 5-6 seeds in a 7-8 inch circle and thin to 2-3 plants. Space hills3-4 feet apart. Or sow 3 seeds per foot in a row and thin to one plant per 12 inches. Space rows 6 feet apart. 4 gram packet - about 25 seeds.

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