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Tomato Pantano

Pantano Tomato is an Indeterminate 70 day tomato.  An old variety, tall Rare Roman heirloom tomato said to have been grown in former marshes in Rome, Italy.  Similar to Genovese Costoluto.  Indeterminate. Vigorous and productive with large, semi-scalloped fruits with few seeds and tasty, thick flesh. Fruits are large, around 12 oz. An excellent producer of 12 oz somewhat flattened red beefsteak types.  Pick some under ripe for the green shoulders Italians prefer.  Tomatoes have slight ribbing and are sweet and juicy with great texture and taste.  The fruit is large and deep red, with almost a purple tint. The flesh is very rich, flavorful, and juicy. An excellent tomato for home and market gardeners; very rare and delicious. It's a large plant.  You can stake or cage this variety.  If staking space 18" apart.  If caging or leaving to sprawl, space 24" apart.  Apprx 75 days.

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