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Carrot. Carota Kuroda

Carrot. Carota Kuroda  An Annual  Kuroda is sugary sweet and the texture is ultra-fine grained. Tthe roots have a blunt tip and vibrant orange color. This refined root will please even the most discerning palates and it is a hardy breed. The roots can power through tough soil and blistering heat, producing winning roots under even the most brutal conditions. This Japanese heirloom was bred to withstand tropical heat and therefore is the top spring- or summer-grown variety that we have seen.

Sow direct in well-dug and raked ground,1cm deep, from February to July. Be careful not to crush the foliage when weeding, as the smell will attract carrot root fly. Some plant rows of onions or garlic each side of the carrots to keep off the root fly, which tunnels through the roots. Alternatively cover with light garden fleece once they are growing.

The carrot is considered to be one of the holy trinity of Italian cooking (onion, celery and carrot).  Young ones, pulled  when thinning rows, are delicious in salads or used as sticks in dips.


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