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Bush Bean, Supernano Giallo

Bush Yellow Romano type  The name translates to “Marvel of Venice” and this stringless sort is certainly that!  55 days to harvest. Very early for a pole bean.   The pods are yellow, wax type but are wide and flat like Romas. Vigorous plant, heavy producer of up to 10 inch meaty light yellow Roma type beans. Black seed.  The plant is very elegant and unusual. Like all pole beans, keep picking to encourage continued production.  

Vigorous climber needs support: use trellis, tripods or single poles at least 7' tall. Plant after soil has warmed up well since seeds are not treated. 3-4 seeds around base of each pole or 2 seeds/six inches for trellis. Thin to one/six inches for trellis, 2 plants for poles   You won't miss picking any of these beautiful yellow beans.  A gorgeous contrast in the garden.  Sweet and tender. No strings & good flavor.  The combination opens exciting new opportunities in the kitchen! Highly recommended for bean salads, especially those recipes using Modeno balsamic vinegar.   35 gram pack apprx 60 seeds.


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