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Angelica, Herb

Angelica is a plant belonging to the Apiaceae family.  The fluted stems are composed of jagged leaves made up of numerous small leaflets on short stems, each group forming a ball.  The subsequent white flowers form umbrellas.  Roots are deep and the plant can easily reach over 3 feet tall.   Use:  The stem and the fresh flowers, harvested during the summer, can be used in the kitchen to flavor a wide range of dishes such as eggs or fish, is candied and is also used in vermouth.  The dried roots can be used for infusions and herbal teas. Caution:  Angelica should not be used for those with stomach ulcers.  Eating too much angelica can cause skin irritations and rashes. Properties:  Angelica has depressants, calming and digestive properties. NonGMO.

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