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Agretto - Roscano - Agretti - Salsola Soda Barba di Frate

Salsola Soda, Agretto - Roscano. Mid-early annual with long, chive like foliage with a great crunch!. Use fresh, braised in olive oil as a side to meat dishes, or to enhance seafood dishes. 

Also known as Barba di Frate, Salsola Soda, and Roscano, Agretti is an annual with long, chive-like foliage. It is very popular in Italy and has become the latest trend in high-end Italian restaurants in the U.S. When mature (50 or so days) Agretti is a 18" wide, 24" tall bush that looks like a huge chive plant or rosemary plant. Flavor is a bit bitter, a bit sourish. You can just braise them in some olive oil with garlic and serve as a side dish. You can also boil them and dress with olive oil.

Plant in spring, when soil temperatures reach about 60 to 65 degrees. Sow and cover with 1/3 to 1/2 inch soil. Space seeds 4-6 inches apart. Thin to one plant 8-12 inches apart in row or raised bed. Germination time: 7-10 days. Start cutting from the plants when they are about 6-8 inches tall. Cut the green tops or sections of the plant; it then will regrow.

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